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Del Taco Spices Things Up with their New Nachotada Crunchtada and Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada

For a short time only, Del Taco is dishing up 2 new crispy and cheesy Crunchtadas, the Nachotada Crunchtada and Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada. 

Like the popular Crunchtada Tostada, each of these new Crunchtadas come on a thick and crispy corn shell. They also contain slow-cooked beans, real cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and Del Taco’s popular Queso Blanco. 

Nachotada Crunchtada 

The Nachotada Crunchtada additionally features seasoned beef, tortilla strips, sour cream and diced jalapeño peppers.

Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada

Del Taco’s Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada showcases chunks of grilled and marinated chicken and fresh, house-made guacamole.

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