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New Cheese Melt Sandwiches Arrive at Denny's for a Limited Time

Denny’s is adding two new cheese melts to their menu for a limited time. Along with the Grand Slamwich, customers will also be able to order the All-American Patty Melt and the Chick 'N' Shroom Melt. 

The Grand Slamwich 

The Grand Slamwich is a traditional Denny’s dish that features grilled potato bread, scrambled eggs, American cheese, sausage, ham, bacon and a maple spice spread. 

The All-American Patty Melt 

A grilled beef patty, caramelized onions and slices of Swiss and American cheese combine to create Denny’s All-American Patty Melt. Served on grilled potato bread, it also comes with All-American sauce and wavy-cut fries. 

The Chick 'N' Shroom Melt 

With an order of wavy-cut fries, Denny's Chick ’N’ Shroom Melt features grilled potato bread and grilled seasoned chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. It also comes with fresh spinach and mayonnaise.