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Pizza Hut Rolls Out 3 New Spicy Lover’s Pizzas Featuring a Spicy Marinara Sauce and Fiery Flakes

The new Spicy Lover’s Pizza has now made a tasty nationwide debut at participating Pizza Hut locations, featuring Fiery Flakes (Pizza Hut’s new herb and hot red chili pepper seasoning). 

Available for a limited time only, every Spicy Lover's Pizzas comes with 3 extra-hot toppings to take your pizza to the next level, including Fiery Flakes, sliced red chili peppers and a spicy marinara sauce. 

Spicy Lover’s Pizzas are offered in 3 varieties, the Spicy Double Pepperoni, the Spicy Hawaiian Chicken and the Spicy Veggie Pizza. 

Spicy Double Pepperoni

Pizza Hut’s Spicy Double Pepperoni features both classic and crispy cupped pepperoni slices, as well as Fiery Flakes, red chili peppers and a spicy marinara sauce.

Spicy Hawaiian Chicken

This sweet ’n spicy pizza is crafted from chunks of chicken, juicy pineapple, red chili peppers, Fiery Flakes and a spicy marinara sauce.

Spicy Veggie

The Spicy Veggie Pizza showcases sliced mushrooms, fresh green peppers, zesty red onions, red chili peppers, spicy marinara sauce and Fiery Flakes.