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Quiznos’ Lemon Herb Lobster and Lobster Classic Sub Arrive for a Limited Time

Quiznos is shaking things up with the return of 2 limited edition subs, the Lemon Herb Lobster Sub and the Lobster Classic Sub. Both feature a rich and creamy lobster and seafood salad.

Lemon Herb Lobster

This tasty sub is served on a buttered and toasty-warm white Italian roll. It is made with shredded lettuce, ripe tomatoes and a lobster and seafood salad that is crafted with a lemon-herb dressing. 

Lobster Classic Sub

Quiznos’ Lobster Classic Sub begins with a buttered and toasted white Italian roll that is packed with shredded lettuce and lobster and seafood salad.

To visit the Quiznos website and order a limited edition lobster sub, click here.